beautifully tinted eyebrowsHighly defined brows are the new ‘must have’ beauty treatment.  This is a multi-step treatment which includes waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting.  Mineral brow make up is then used to perfect the shape of the brow creating a highly defined look.

You will leave the salon with highly defined eye brows without gaps.

Do you have fair brows?

Some clients who come in wanting highly defined brows have very fair brows which they wish to have clearer definition.  Cheryl our experienced eye brow therapist can go through the steps with you to make this possible.

If your eyebrows are very fair Cheryl will go through make up techniques with you to enhance fair brows whilst she shapes your brows over 2 – 3 sessions, helping you to achieve thicker brows that have less gaps.

Cheryl only uses mineral make-up when waxing and threading is being carried out so no pores are clogged.  However Cheryl is very generous with her knowledge and can help you to take methods away which you can use at home a day or two after with your own brow makeup.

Of course we can help people with all types of eyebrows wishing to gain a stunning look, regarding of colour or thickness of your brows.