‘Beautiful Eyes by Cheryl’

Having eyelash extensions involves the adding of individual lashes to retain the beauty of your eyes.  Extending lashes with a natural look helps to open your eyes up more, helping you to look their very best.

We have lengths to suit all occasions and peoples eyes.  You may wish to have longer lashes for parties and events to add a touch of glamour.  For everyday use, work events or interviews you may wish to have a shorter lash that still gives you the wow factor when you meet others.

Quick, easy lifestyle whilst always looking your best

eyelashesWith lash extensions there is no need for mascara – perfect for busy lifestyles when you still want to look your best. And if you are running in from work and heading out in a hurry then having your lashes already looking their best can make all the difference.

The lashes don’t come off in the shower.  No running mascara in the pool on holiday (you won’t need to wear any) and less makeup to take off when you come in after a night out.

If you feel wearing glasses seems to hide your eyes a little then lash extensions can make a huge difference to their definition.

If you feel your lashes have become thinner with age then we can really help.

If you have a tendency to lose sections of lashes rather than just individual ones (we can lose up to 5 lashes a day) then we can apply a ‘Y’ lash which attaches to one lash but separates out into two, each creating a fuller fill.

Our lash extensions can last for up to three months which highlights the quality of product we use and the care and attention we put into the right application of lashes for you.

Where you lose natural lashes in-between extension applications you can come in for an infill, for example after 2, 3 or 4 week, depending on your individual needs.

We have carefully selected the Mink eyelash brand as they are softer and more natural looking.  You can’t feel them on and so they do not cause drooping or feel heavy and give a completely natural experience.

Care and attention in every application

At Modern Flair beauty salon we care deeply about our customers experience after they leave our salon, in addition to a commitment to letting you completely relax, having complete confidence in our therapists whilst here.

This is why we use anti-wrinkle patches whilst we apply lashes which are softer on the skin than microtape and do not leave any residue on the skin.

Winter or Summer Sun?

If you are heading off to the sun to escape the winter or enjoy summer holidays then the quality of our eyelash extensions really come into their own.

Convenience, no need for mascara and a stunning look your therapist has carefully applied to match the exact look you want.

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